August 4, 2016

  The Coveside Executive Committee has just concluded a very boring meeting (it lasted a whopping 42 seconds). Starting tomorrow the Big Boys (6 inches and all the way up, that means other places extra large and jumbo, together, selling for $90/dozen!) will be reduced to just $50/dozen, or 3 dozen for $145!!!! These are THE Bucket List crabs. Call to reserve your crabs for this weekend. If you are in my book, you will get our crabs. Other Prices: The # 2 males (5 1/4 inches right up to 6 inches) are $35/dozen or 3 dozen for $100. The girls are $30/ dozen. All our crabs are jammed packed with sweet meat, as we always responsibly harvest only premium crabs! All crabs are sold live, Cash only. Coveside Crabs, where we are 100% harvested true blue Chesapeake Bay Maryland crabs. To recap:

  • #1 Males (6"+) - $50/doz or $145/3doz
  • #2 (5.25"-6") - $35/doz or $100/3doz
  • Females - $30/doz
7656 Old Battle grove Rd., Dundalk, MD 21222 410-477-4709 Crabby Hugs! ~Lee