The Bushel Scam

October 21, 2015


At Coveside Crabs, we never sell crabs by the half bushel. It is a scam to cheat the customers. The lower part of the basket is significantly smaller than the top part located above the band. Therefore, if you purchase ½ bushel of #1 Males (all crabs over 6 inches), you would pay for 12-15 crabs that you will not get. If they measure a bushel by the cardboard box instead of the traditional wooden bushel basket, you are losing even more crabs. We have played with the crabs using the “bushel box”, and found that between 2/3 to 3/4 of one of our crab bushels fills the box. “THE BUSHEL BOX” DOES NOT EQUEL A BUSHEL BASKET! The box is obviously square and crabs are roundish; so all the corners and sides are wasted space. Just ask us to look inside one of our bushel baskets. You can see how live crabs naturally flatten themselves hard-packed against the curved wall of the basket. Space is not wasted.

A bushel of our #1 Males weigh a minimum of 45 pounds and often weigh 48 to 50 pounds. There is usually 4 dozen to 5 dozen in the basket. During the fall months, a basket may hold only 3 1/2 dozen crabs. You, the customer, always save money by purchasing crabs by the dozen. Here, at Coveside, a dozen is counted out as a “Baker’s Dozen” or 13 crabs. By using the “3 Dozen Specials” or the “Early Week Specials”, you save more money and you know the exact number of crabs purchased. We recommend 6 to 8 #1’s per each guest at a party that includes other food. Remember, our crabs are of premium quality. Every crab is packed with meat!

Captain Richard and I firmly believe the more you know about crabs and about what we do at Coveside that you will continue to support us, your local crabbers.