Storing Crabs

October 21, 2015


Coveside Premium crabs are one of the royal treats for all of the summer and fall months. You have two options for storing your live crabs. 1) They will be fine in the bags for a hour or so in a cool place, or 2) the ideal method is to bring a cooler for us to pack them in. Pour ice over them, leave the top opened to let a little air circulate and remove the drainage plug, then tilt it to drain the water. They will drown in fresh water. The crabs will go into a dormant state and stay in perfect condition for at least 36 hours. Also, their claws will not drop off and they will be easy to handle when you cook them. DO NOT bring them back to room temperature; this will cause them to go into shock. Place them in your pot directly from the iced state. They are asleep, not dead! DO NOT EVER STORE LIVE HARD CRABS IN THE REFRIGERATOR-YOU WILL KILL THEM! Follow this recipe for a steamed crab dinner for four.
  • 2 dozen Coveside #1 Males blue crabs
  • Vinegar and water or beer to a level just below the rack.
  • 1 package Coveside seasoning, and mustard and salt to taste.
  • Use a steamer or a large pot with a rack and a tight-fitting lid.
  • Pour vinegar and water or beer into steamer. Bring to a hard boil over gas.
  • Add crabs, a few at a time, and sprinkle each layer with seasoning.
Steam 23 to 25 minutes until the apron bends back when pried with a butter knife. Do not “peak” during this time. If you use an electric stove, steam longer.